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about Mitch

Mitch Girio

For the last 25 years, Toronto musician, producer Mitch Gírio has worked on hundreds of albums. For many artists he has acted as producer/ engineer, musician, (co-)composer, mentor and occasionally, therapist. Always putting the artist first, Gírio has built a body of work that has given him a reputation for his attentiveness, enthusiasm and attention to detail.

He has recorded projects ranging from folk/roots to Jamaican rocksteady, from pop/punk to R&B to TV/ film soundtracks (Gotham, Brightburn, Hemlock Grove, Made For Love, Riverdale). As a composer, he has made contributions on releases by artists such as Kirsten Jones, The Planet Smashers, Morgan Doctor and legendary Jamaican singer, Susan Cadogan.

The bassist from Canadian Ska legends, King Apparatus, Gírio has performed as side player to Jamaica’s Roy & Yvonne, Tamara Williamson, Melanie Peterson and Montreal’s Les Handclaps.